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Celebrating the First 100 Years of Photography

Here’s an interesting little film that encapsulates the progress made in the first 100 years of photography.  Watch it and be impressed with the advancements that have been made.   And what’s most amazing is that this film was made … Continue reading

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Photographers on Photography, by National Geographic

If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, watch this. Then watch it again. Now pick up that camera and show us what you really care about…

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Color in the streets

I don’t know about you, but whenever I think of “street photography”, I think in black and white. But during a very brief walk to my car one morning this week, I was struck by the colors: bright, subdued, warm, … Continue reading

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Fireworks anyone?

For the benefit of our non-US readers, here in the states, over these next two days, we will celebrate Independence Day with, amongst other things, a great number of fireworks displays.  If you’ve ever tried to photograph fireworks, you know … Continue reading

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Are you a trimmer or a sculptor?

Spring has made way for summer, and with that change come all the rituals and chores that summer brings.  Amongst these is the task of maintaining the yard, and specifically, the shrubs. Now this is something I actually enjoy doing, … Continue reading

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Beauty, born of simplicity

“There is a profound and enduring beauty in simplicity, in clarity, in efficiency. True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation—it’s about bringing order to complexity,” said Jony Ive, Apple’s senior vice … Continue reading

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Return of the Supermoon!!

I was just reading that this weekend, the moon is due to be at perigee again, meaning it will be at it’s closest point to earth all year, a mere 221,824 miles away. And it will be full, so you … Continue reading

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Michael Doran’s “Unlimited Canvas”

Michael Doran sent in this photo, taken while driving to work recently. Michael explains… I shot this on the way to the office this morning using a Nikon S6300 Coolpix. I know there are a plethora of amazing sky photos … Continue reading

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Workflow to go: Across the pond, Florida style

You’ve probably learned by now that I’m fond of taking photos, editing them and sharing them all with my iPhone. I’m calling that process “Workflow to go”and will occasionally post a photo, with details of the mobile editing process, under … Continue reading

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Black and white street photography by Hugo Fernandes

Keeping with today’s theme of black and white street photography, I thought I’d share this article from TheDPhoto.com, featuring Hugo Fernandes’ impressive photos. This link will take you to the article and his images. Enjoy.

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Photojournalists Fired! What it tells us…

Last week, the Chicago Sun-Times abruptly fired all 28 of their photojournalists. Included amongst these professionals was Pulitzer Prize-winning Sun-Times photographer John H. White. The rationale behind this decision is economic: like most newspapers, circulation at the Sun-Times is off … Continue reading

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Weekend inspiration: The Vivian Maier Documentary

By now, most photogs have heard of Vivian Maier. She’s the woman whose surprising street photography was discovered in 2007, and whom Rey wrote about in 2011 here. It’s worth a quick side trip to that post for some background, … Continue reading

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Food for thought – What is your photography all about?

A guest post by Prentis Drew In a previous post: Jack Hollingsworth: “iPhone photography is as good as a DSLR” there were a number of responses that ran the gamut from, “I don’t think so,” to, “Best camera ever,” and … Continue reading

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“11 Ways to Improve Your Photography”, a FREE e-book from Craft and Vision

David Duchemin, globe-trotting photographer and founder of Craft and Vision publishing, has compiled an e-book filled with perspective and techniques by a team of talented pros. It’s title says it all: “11 Ways to Improve your Photography”.  Like many other … Continue reading

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Our approach to shooting

Prentis Drew, long time friend and Featured Photographer of 2 Guys Photo, recently asked us about our shooting style.  It was prompted by this post by Rey, and pertained to this image: From Prentis: Rey, A very interesting shot. It … Continue reading

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Weekend Inspiration: Photos with Feeling

Every serious photographer has asked themselves the question, “What makes a good photo”, more than a few times. I’m often amazed when I share a photo online, whether it’s here in this blog or another online community, when one image … Continue reading

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Weekend inspiration: Olympic coverage with Dan Chung

Dan Chung is an accomplished photojournalist with the Guardian of London. He has photographed in Iraq during the war, Indonesia after the tsunami and Pakistan following the earthquake. And like so many others, Dan is covering the Olympics and posting … Continue reading

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Photography or Art: The results are in! {Update}

We posed the question in a recent post: Is it photography or art? where we shared a photograph taken at the beach and manipulated in post to create something resembling a watercolor painting.  The response was loud and clearly unanimous … Continue reading

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Weekend inspiration: The DigitalRev Cheap Camera Challenge

Rey has long been a fan of Kai Wong and his website DigitalRev.com. Kai is best known for his informative and entertaining video reviews of the latest gear, but he also has a series known as the Cheap Camera Challenge. … Continue reading

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It’s all about the light

You’ve heard it a thousand times: photography is “painting with light”, “the light makes all the difference”, you have to be able to “see the light”. Never was that more evident than during a recent visit to a small but … Continue reading

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