It’s all about the light

20120726-084053.jpgYou’ve heard it a thousand times: photography is “painting with light”, “the light makes all the difference”, you have to be able to “see the light”.

Never was that more evident than during a recent visit to a small but extremely popular Italian restaurant on Cape Cod, Gina’s by the Sea.

We were fortunate to get the last booth in a corner of the bar just before the Saturday night rush. Surrounding us was decades old knotty pine panelling where photos of staff and patrons and nautical memorabilia hung randomly about. We felt like we were in someone’s kitchen, and the food was wonderful and the service matched the food.

Thanks to a west facing window at the end of our booth, the photog in me quickly recognized the fantastic sidelight that danced over our table, and I captured these shots with my iPhone.


I tweaked them just a little and added a depth of field filter to the “cheese” shot. And although we see food in these shots, they’re really photos of the light.

Because after all, it’s all about the light.


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2 Responses to It’s all about the light

  1. The more I shoot, the more I find this true.

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