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Return of the Supermoon!!

I was just reading that this weekend, the moon is due to be at perigee again, meaning it will be at it’s closest point to earth all year, a mere 221,824 miles away. And it will be full, so you … Continue reading

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Ask 2 Guys Photo: Night Photography

We received this letter from a reader and subscriber to 2 Guys Photo, asking about night photography.  We thought we’d share his question and our response. Dear 2 Guys Photo, I was experimenting last night with night time photography and … Continue reading

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“Supermoon”, Super images

This past Saturday I posted “Shoot the Moon – but you’d better hurry!,” about the moon being at perigee, that is, the closest it has been to earth in almost 20 years, and what a great photo-op it would be … Continue reading

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Shoot the Moon — But you’d better hurry!

On Saturday 3/19/2011, the full moon will be the largest we’ve seen in nearly 20 years, according to this article from CNN .  That’s because the moon will be at perigee, the point in it’s orbit when it’s closest to … Continue reading

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