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What lies ahead…

Despite our careful planning, our need to predict and to reduce the uncertainty in our lives, we can’t be completely sure of what lies ahead.  Of where the path will take us. Ed and I are wishing you good health … Continue reading

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The mere leaning

“If you are not leaning, no one will ever let you down.” — Egotistico Fantastico (aka Robert Anthony). But what is living if not to lean upon one another on occasion?

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The day after Christmas has long been our celebrated “Day of Nothing”.  We schedule it as such.  Leaving the house is forbidden, changing from pajamas sacrilege.  We merely are, yet are together. Ah, to celebrate nothing.

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The age of miracles

Ah, to have lived during the age of miracles.  In a time of spectacle and wonder.  When glowing apparitions instructed and vivid dreams directed.  The blind could see, the unclean were cleansed, the lame could walk.  To have seen it … Continue reading

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Colby and I became acquainted on a warmer late Autumn mid-day.  Cathy and I walked while Colby sprinted.  A three year old golden, he stopped just long enough for this hurried capture. I considered the considerable differences between this three … Continue reading

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Nearly cloistered

The dictionary offers the following for cloistered: “providing shelter from contact with the outside world.” Three restless nights, three over-stacked days.  But for coffee shop respites, I was fully contained.  But for occasional connection, it was an isolation of necessity. … Continue reading

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Weekend Inspiration: Now this is a hero!

This left me speechless.  And it helped me to recalibrate myself in a very good way.  Hope it has the same effect on you…

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“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees. — Khalil Gibran  

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Shoot like it’s 1979

In 1979, I owned a Pentax K1000 film (of course) SLR camera with a Pentax 50/1.8 lens and a Vivitar 70-300 tele-zoom.  It was all the kit I ever thought I’d need and because I was headed off to college, where … Continue reading

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What 44,673 Photos Taught Me

My previous mantra went something like this: Never delete a photo because someday in the future, you might be glad you saved it.  Future post-processing software and acquired capabilities could help save inferior images.  And hey, hard drive space is … Continue reading

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