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3 by 1 by 3 by 1

3 Guys: Rey, Joey and Ed 1 Venue: Borderland State Park 3 Perspectives 1 Hour Last Saturday, Rey, Joey and I managed to squeeze an hour-long photo walk into a busy afternoon. We wandered about the grounds, together and apart, … Continue reading

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Our approach to shooting

Prentis Drew, long time friend and Featured Photographer of 2 Guys Photo, recently asked us about our shooting style.  It was prompted by this post by Rey, and pertained to this image: From Prentis: Rey, A very interesting shot. It … Continue reading

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Boston street scene: “Eat, Pray, Love”, my way

During our photo walk through Boston last weekend, I spotted these colorful windows and waited for a passerby.  In reading the signs in the windows, I  couldn’t help but think of the book and film “Eat, Pray, Love”. These three … Continue reading

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2 Guys Walking: Boston, Ed Style

OK, so yesterday Rey shared his perspective and pics on our early Saturday morning when the rest of the world was sleeping sub-zero photo walk through Boston.  In case you missed it, you can read it here. He told you … Continue reading

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2 Guys Walking: Boston, Rey Style

2 Guys Photo is both convergence and divergence, a collaboration marked by commonalities and differences. Ed and I share a good bit of genetic matter, roughly similar world views and outlooks… and a relentless fondness for the craft and artistry … Continue reading

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Be a Better Photog, part 1: Challenge yourself

How do you improve your photography?  Ask most experienced photogs and their advice is to read books, experiment, take a lot of photos. If you think about developing any skill, from cooking to golf to learning a new language, it … Continue reading

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2 Guys Walking: Borderlands State Park

It was late, very late, on Friday evening and I was getting ready to turn in for the night.  And that’s when it hit me… yes, a photo walk… a photo walk tomorrow morning.  It was the uncommon convergence of … Continue reading

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The Photowalk Challenge

Every time I read a blog post or entry into a photo website discussion about a photographer’s “photowalk” near their home and then subsequently see stunning photographs of ocean vistas, mountain ranges, quaint countryside scenes or brilliant cityscapes, I’m impressed. … Continue reading

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