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Weekend Inspiration: “When you land that scary thing…”

Beautifully filmed.  Wonderfully inspiring. Have a great weekend…

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Weekend Inspiration: Photos with Feeling

Every serious photographer has asked themselves the question, “What makes a good photo”, more than a few times. I’m often amazed when I share a photo online, whether it’s here in this blog or another online community, when one image … Continue reading

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Passport Moments

Photographer Ed Kashi recently stated: “Photography is like a passport into worlds in which we would otherwise not enter.”  I heard Ed, a well known and well traveled photographer, on a podcast (TWIT Photo) recently and have been pondering these … Continue reading

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the photos that moved Us

We received a great response to this post on the topic of what makes for a great image.  I postulated that the difference between a good (tells a story) photo and a great (evokes a personal, emotional response) prompted several … Continue reading

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“Happy to Observe” – Meet Ray Sachs

2 Guys Photo is pleased to introduce its readers to some of the photographers who most inspire us.  The artists we’ll feature here are not the ones who have published in National Geographic or whose images adorn the halls of … Continue reading

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File this under “Inspiration”

Someone once said something along the lines of “You should look at 10,000 images before you pick up a camera”. As I posted recently, it’s so important to be able to “see the light”, and viewing the work of others, … Continue reading

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Pick a word and shoot it

One of my favorite photographic challenges, particularly if I find myself wondering what to tackle next, is to pick a word.  One word.  And then go out and attempt to make an image that captures the very essence of the … Continue reading

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Would you please repeat that?

I’m quick to bemoan the fact that I don’t live in Yosemite Valley or by the Mediterranean every time I feel like grabbing my camera and heading out.  A quiet neighborhood, nothing special.  The local downtown, pretty basic.  My own … Continue reading

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