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What is art?

“What is art but a way of seeing?”   Saul Bellow What have you seen today?

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In perfect harmony with nature

“Art is a harmony parallel with nature.”  Paul Cezanne During a recent photo walk, I came upon this work of art along the side of the path.  I think this was an old mill stone of some type, which a … Continue reading

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Photography or Art: The results are in! {Update}

We posed the question in a recent post: Is it photography or art? where we shared a photograph taken at the beach and manipulated in post to create something resembling a watercolor painting.  The response was loud and clearly unanimous … Continue reading

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Photography or art? Now it’s YOUR turn.

The responses to today’s earlier post “Is it photography or is it art?” were pretty unanimous. I think Kara S. summed it up by concluding her comment with: “So the answer to your question, “Is it photography or is it … Continue reading

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Is it photography or is it art?

If you’re a reader of this blog , then you already know that photography is accomplished with a device (a camera), with an opening (a lens), through which light passes, and is recorded, along with it’s respective shadows and colors, … Continue reading

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