Workflow to go: Across the pond, Florida style

You’ve probably learned by now that I’m fond of taking photos, editing them and sharing them all with my iPhone. I’m calling that process “Workflow to go”and will occasionally post a photo, with details of the mobile editing process, under that heading.

Checking out of my hotel in Boca Raton, Florida this past Wednesday morning, the interesting sky across the lagoon caught my eye.

One shot with the native iPhone app yielded this:

The shadows are muddy and lacking detail, and it’s pretty flat overall.

So I tried another, this time using the Pro HDR app (which takes and merges 2 images at different exposures), resulting in this improvement:

Better color, brighter, more detail… we’re getting there.

Adding the Drama filter, sharpening and cropping in Snapseed, and here it is:

Trimming a bit off the bottom brings the eye into the photo more effectively, and the tree line on the far shore falls on the lower third line of the frame.

Considering the image was made, edited and posted entirely from the device in my pocket indicates that A) technology is incredible these days, and advancing faster every day, and B) I’m a geek.

Oh, yes I am.

Have a great weekend.


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4 Responses to Workflow to go: Across the pond, Florida style

  1. Amazing transformation and to think that you did it all on your iPhone. Technology is certainly advancing fast! Great shot! 🙂

  2. RMW says:

    Better than I could do in Photoshop…

  3. Clanmother says:

    I learn something new every time I drop by for a visit!

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