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Photography or Art: The results are in! {Update}

We posed the question in a recent post: Is it photography or art? where we shared a photograph taken at the beach and manipulated in post to create something resembling a watercolor painting.  The response was loud and clearly unanimous … Continue reading

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Daily Photo Phix: Kara’s Night Camelia

Recently, I was visiting and enjoying the galleries of Kara Stewart, a long time friend of 2 Guys Photo, when I was stopped in my tracks by this stunning image, she entitled “Night Camelia”.  The textures, richness of colors and … Continue reading

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Readers respond: Street photography

Since we began this blog, we’ve written many posts on or about street photography.  Just enter “street photography” into the search box on the right side of this page and you’ll see what I mean.  And it’s been a popular … Continue reading

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Do you Zazzle?

Kara Stewart, photographer, artist and friend of 2 Guys, told me about “Zazzle” recently.  You may ask, what the heck is Zazzle?  So did I.  Read on for an explanation by Kara and her experiences : So what exactly is … Continue reading

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Daily Photo: Kara Stewart’s “hot hands”

Kara Stewart has sent us this close in, black and white study of hands at work. Kara shot this at f/5, 1/100 sec, ISO 640, 80 mm focal length on her Nikon D300 with available light.  Here’s her commentary on … Continue reading

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