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This image is all about street photography… not in London or Tokyo or New York City, but in small towns, on main street, near your back yard.  You game?

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Impressions de Paris

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Our approach to shooting

Prentis Drew, long time friend and Featured Photographer of 2 Guys Photo, recently asked us about our shooting style.  It was prompted by this post by Rey, and pertained to this image: From Prentis: Rey, A very interesting shot. It … Continue reading

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Weekend Inspiration: The 5 F’s of Street Photography with John Free

John Free is an active photographer with a very active Facebook account and numerous videos on YouTube. I came across this one a while back and felt that John’s advice on improving your photography on the street also had relevance … Continue reading

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Daily Photo Phix: In by 11

On the way to work, I detoured down a side street and, struck by this establishment and it’s signage from another decade, I decided to pull over. With my iPhone 4, I captured this wide angle view, using Camera+, and … Continue reading

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Daily Photo Phix: Working for a Living

There are days when I feel as though I have a tough job… … but watching this street performer for a captivating 15 minutes on a Saturday afternoon in the Boston Public Garden convinces me otherwise.  There’s got to be … Continue reading

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Free ebook on street photography

Free is good, right?  As street photography has emerged as a recurring theme here on 2 Guys Photo, I thought I’d post this link to a free ebook on the topic.  The author is Thomas Leuthard, a Swiss photographer who … Continue reading

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Street Photography – another approach

Last month I echoed the question first posed by Popular Photography: “How do you photograph strangers in the street”?  In that post, I shared an article from the magazine that featured two photographers whose street shooting style was pretty much … Continue reading

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Taking it to the Streets: m4/3 vs. X100

Since we’ve been on the theme of street photography lately, I thought I’d report out some recent findings regarding my current street shooting kits.  I could just have easily entitled this post as: “Head and Heart Take to the Streets.” … Continue reading

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Pro Photographer

He is a street photographer.  Though not in the traditional sense. He weaves through the crowd at the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  He roams about Rockefeller Center whenever the tree is up.  He often sits outside the camera store … Continue reading

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The Fujifilm X100 as Street Cam

I could just as well have entitled this post: “Further Impressions of the Fujifilm X100“, having providing some initial thoughts here.  In that earlier piece, I revealed my mixed emotions (if you haven’t read it, you’ll note that I used … Continue reading

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Curtis Budden, Featured Photographer

It is with pleasure that 2 Guys Photo introduces you to the next in our series of Featured Photographers: Curtis Budden. Curtis has spent his life travelling the world and honing his considerable photographic skills.  Read on to learn how … Continue reading

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The Street Photographer

The Street Photographer… I am not.  If you want an education on street photography, kindly refer to Vivian Maier’s work, which I recently profiled here. It’s a form of photographic expression that I finding daunting, most probably because it feels … Continue reading

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Boston street scene: “Eat, Pray, Love”, my way

During our photo walk through Boston last weekend, I spotted these colorful windows and waited for a passerby.  In reading the signs in the windows, I  couldn’t help but think of the book and film “Eat, Pray, Love”. These three … Continue reading

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“Happy to Observe” – Meet Ray Sachs

2 Guys Photo is pleased to introduce its readers to some of the photographers who most inspire us.  The artists we’ll feature here are not the ones who have published in National Geographic or whose images adorn the halls of … Continue reading

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Greatness. When you least expect it.

John Maloof, Chicago area real estate agent and aspiring book author, wandered into an auction house one day a few years ago and made a discovery that changed his life.  That discovery was the brilliant work of Vivian Maier.  If … Continue reading

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