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Return of the Supermoon!!

I was just reading that this weekend, the moon is due to be at perigee again, meaning it will be at it’s closest point to earth all year, a mere 221,824 miles away. And it will be full, so you … Continue reading

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Black and white street photography by Hugo Fernandes

Keeping with today’s theme of black and white street photography, I thought I’d share this article from TheDPhoto.com, featuring Hugo Fernandes’ impressive photos. This link will take you to the article and his images. Enjoy.

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Photojournalists Fired! What it tells us…

Last week, the Chicago Sun-Times abruptly fired all 28 of their photojournalists. Included amongst these professionals was Pulitzer Prize-winning Sun-Times photographer John H. White. The rationale behind this decision is economic: like most newspapers, circulation at the Sun-Times is off … Continue reading

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Weekend inspiration: Pete Souza, White House Photographer

These photos by Pete Souza, recapping his 2012 year with the President of the United States, caught my eye for a number of reasons, so I thought I’d share. First off, regardless of your political leanings, it’s great to get … Continue reading

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Weekend inspiration: Olympic coverage with Dan Chung

Dan Chung is an accomplished photojournalist with the Guardian of London. He has photographed in Iraq during the war, Indonesia after the tsunami and Pakistan following the earthquake. And like so many others, Dan is covering the Olympics and posting … Continue reading

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Traveling through time: appreciating black & white photography

The Atlantic Magazine published a photo piece earlier this week entitled: “50 Years Ago: The World in 1962”. It’s a collection of mostly black and white photos taken in 1962, that captures the essence of life in that long gone … Continue reading

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Ask 2 Guys on making sharper photos

Hello Ed and Rey, So, I am wondering about how I can get clearer, crisper photos. It seems if I put my ISO up, I can shoot at faster shutter speeds, but then it gets gritty. If I set the … Continue reading

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Readers respond: Street photography

Since we began this blog, we’ve written many posts on or about street photography.  Just enter “street photography” into the search box on the right side of this page and you’ll see what I mean.  And it’s been a popular … Continue reading

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What every Photographer should know about Copyright law

In a recent post, I wrote about two cases where an artist appropriated the work of a photographer, changed it and presented and sold it as their own.  Both cases ended badly for the artist.  From the comments and emails … Continue reading

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