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I created disorder

“I don’t care what town you’re born in, what city, what country. If you’re a child, you are curious about your environment. You’re overturning rocks. You’re plucking leaves off of trees and petals off of flowers, looking inside, and you’re … Continue reading

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Ruins, Pompeii

They wanted to see Pompeii, studied it in school.  An easy jump off the train between Sorrento and Naples and I agreed, though reluctantly.  I was wrong to have hesitated. I’ll let Wikipedia give you the backstory: The city of Pompeii was … Continue reading

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Ferdinando, lemon grower

A highlight of the trip, meeting Ferdinando and his family… Located in Massa Lubrense in the Province of Naples in the Italian region of Campania, located approximately 25 kilometers south of Naples, Ferdinando and his family demonstrate the traditions of his … Continue reading

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Which mirrorless camera?

I received the following email from 2 Guys Photo follower and friend, Rodney: Hey Rey, I have a coworker who wants to get a mirrorless camera.  He wants to spend less than 1000 dollars.  Was looking at the sony?  Do … Continue reading

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A request for feedback

834 posts, including this one. 268,700 page views… including 37,144 for our all-time leading article (regarding the Olympus PENs). 4,006 comments. Nearly 800 followers from all across the social media spectrum and from all around the world… … all going … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers Day

Well done Mom, you did a great job and we all turned out Ok!! Thanks for everything! A crop from a mid-1960’s slide, downtown Boston; Dad’s on the other side of the camera, and that dashing young lad in the … Continue reading

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Think about your reputation

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”   Warren Buffett Fujifilm X-S1, Topaz B&W Effects, Lightroom 4

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All in nature is beautiful

Continuing the theme of the week, our walk last Saturday, here’s my attempt to capture something a bit different.  Using an in camera art filter on the Olympus E-M1, I wanted to give our nature walk a grungy, industrial edge.  Image … Continue reading

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A Cloistered Life

It’s an annual rite, an obligation actually.  I depart from my life to unplug and renew for a few days, to retreat. This year, I chose something a little different.  I decided to live among a cloistered community of Catholic … Continue reading

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Bridges to woodsheds

“The youth gets together his materials to build a bridge to the moon, or, perchance, a palace or temple on the earth, and, at length, the middle-aged man concludes to build a woodshed with them.”  — Henry David Thoreau Taken … Continue reading

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What I learned in Paris and South Africa

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”  — St. Augustine Never have I felt so far from home, so detached from my own life.  Paris and South Africa did that to me. … Continue reading

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Under African Skies

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Impressions de Paris

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Where is it Week: The Answers!

You guys are good!  Really good.  You got all but 2 correct! And so ends “Where is it Week”.  Thank you for participating in our first ever weeklong themed series.  35 images, 35 posts.  No doubt you noticed that some … Continue reading

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Gritty City Life: Meet Frank Villafane

It’s our pleasure to introduce 2 Guys Photo followers to Frank Villafañe.  Frank became known to us through his comments to some of the posts here and particularly because of some of the night photos he’s taken and shared.  As … Continue reading

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The Personal Project Project

I’m drawn to the notion of convergence.  Of combining interests in a unique manner to help spark creativity, to ease your way out of a slump, to solve problems in new ways.  It’s common advice in photographic circles that developing … Continue reading

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Happy Day of Nothing!

The Day of Nothing.  It’s a holiday in my house. It began several years ago when I decided to buy one of my daughters Season 1 of “Lost”.  Why?  Not sure… just an inspiration that hit me.  When I jumped … Continue reading

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They were too young to know

  Ed paused for the weblog equivalent of a moment of silence yesterday in honor of Friday’s devastating events. We typically like to keep the mood light and airy around here at 2 Guys Photo, but it’s been difficult containing … Continue reading

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NZ Journal: “The Prettiest City in New Zealand”

According to Jonathan Kruse, the voice on our self-drive GPS unit, Christchurch is the prettiest city in New Zealand. My observations are that there’s ample evidence that that once may very well have been true. Surely Mr. Kruse recorded his … Continue reading

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NZ Journal: Arthur’s Pass

Today, Stephanie and I drove from Fox Glacier back to Christchurch, much of which was through Arthur’s Pass, a stretch of road that winds along a valley and through mountains. Unlike all of the other alpine and forrest covered mountains … Continue reading

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