Daily Photo Phix: Faith perhaps

"Daily Photo Phix"

Sometimes the image tells the mood.  One picture saves a thousand words.

Canon 7D at ISO of 800, 15mm, f20 and 4 seconds.  No tripod, obviously.  Black and white conversion right in Aperture.  A bit of vignetting seemed right.

Posted by Rey

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4 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Faith perhaps

  1. Rodney says:

    Blurry photos should usually be dumped… but not this one. I like the MOOD it sets for sure.

  2. Rey says:

    Thanks. It was an accident. I had been shooting long exposures on a tripod in manual mode inside the church earlier. When I came out into the beautiful, sunny day… I took the photo but forgot it was set for a long shutter speed. I also have the “proper” version… complete with blue sky and bright sun. I prefer this “accident”.

    I’ve heard that you should NEVER delete images in camera for exactly this reason.

    This may be proof positive of that adage.


  3. Rodney says:

    Yeah, I have deleted some photos in camera and looking back wished I hadn’t. I think I will wait from now on for sure! Now I want to see the sunny blue sky version just to compare :0)… how do I see that one?

  4. Rey says:

    Rodney – I’ll look for it and post a comparison. Good idea. The way I manage my photos is via tagging and rating and the one above was marked as such so I could find it later. The other is a forgettable shot and so is buried in the heap. Might take a bit to find it.


    P.S. I was using a destructive editor back then so I can’t simply undo actions to get back to the original as I now could via Apple Aperture.

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