Daily Photo Phix: Sunset in a hurry

Sunset behind a tree on farm

Late yesterday, in the middle of this Labor Day weekend, we took a leisurely drive through the nearby countryside.  I had been eyeing the sunset, thinking this would be one of those beauties with which God rewarded the patient photographer. But as the sun set, it nestled into a deep bank of clouds layered on the horizon and it’s light and colors began to diminish.  The sun was slowly being snuffed out, so I began to look frantically for a place to stop and capture something before it was too late.

We drove onto a farm which was closed for the day but intrigued us for it’s rolling pumpkin fields and an endless grape arbor.  I made a mental note to return but focused on the sun, which seemed to be wrestling with the clouds – at one moment the clouds prevailed, at the next, the sun punched through again.

This tree was sitting at the crest of a hill and was pressed into service as my subject.  I aimed my Nikon D90 set at f/9, 1/200 sec, 55mm focal length, in aperture priority, with an EV of –1.  (For some background information on EV’s and exposure compensation, you might want to read this.)  Cropped and saturation boosted in post.

Next time I get back there I hope to have a tad more time.     Posted by Ed

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2 Responses to Daily Photo Phix: Sunset in a hurry

  1. Rodney says:

    Nice photo for a rush job Ed. I like the hillside and tree being darkened, with the layer of colors behind it. I need to experiment with the EV I think.. Do you recommend starting with a still life, like the cup photo you have linked to the EV article?

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Hi Rodney, thanks for the comment. Yes, I think a still life is a good way to get started learning about exposure compensation, as a moving subject and changing lighting conditions will make it harder for you to discern the changes you made via different EV settings versus changes in the environment. Let me know how it goes. Best, Ed

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