The beach, a little different


All photos by Chase Gildea

It’s a sentiment I can appreciate.  How to capture images that are unique… a little different from what you typically see…

Meet 2 Guys Photo fan, Chase Glidea, a Phoenix area photographer (clinical psychologist by day), who recently had an opportunity to visit an Atlantic coast beach.  According to Chase: “I never find an opportunity to spend much time by the ocean, so I knew that my week on the beach was going to be filled with photography, along with all the normal family beach stuff.  But I set out to capture some photos that are a little different.  A little off the beaten path.  Something that says ‘beach’ but which you haven’t seen a thousand times before.”

That’s an exercise that resonates most assuredly since I too was at the beach for our recent family vacation… and I too tried to grab some images that haven’t been taken a million times before.  That’s a worthy photographic goal in general: to see something in a way that is new.

Continue on for a few more images from Chase.  Note that he shoots with an unspecified Nikon DSLR and I do like his post processing technique (Apple Aperture and “various plug-ins as needed”).

"black eyed susans", "beach photo", "flower photo"

"beach photo""seaside", "beach photo"I think Chase succeeded.  What do you think?

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3 Responses to The beach, a little different

  1. Rodney says:

    I really like the first photo. I love the shadows on the sides of the photo and how the focus is on the deep imprinted foot steps… could be a rainy day on the beach or just high tide. A little mystery to it, with an obvious relaxed subject doing the walk. Just what the beach is all about. Nicely done Chase.

  2. Rey says:

    Rodney – I agree. In some ways, these photos are “all wrong”… particularly the slanted one: lots of flare, crooked horizon, unnatural boost of highlights in the shadows, no real subject, etc. Yet I like it. Weird.


  3. I live within daily driving distance to some of the top ten beaches in the country (Tampa Bay area of Florida) and have vacationed at most of them…I know beaches. These photos are excellant. Definitely not the things an infrequent visitor would be “expected” to capture. Well done.

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