Your table is ready, sir…

rey spadoni

Manhattan.  Was rushing by and just had to grab this image of the one outdoor table at this Thai restaurant.  Converted to black and white and then the natural red color selectively added back in Nik Silver Efex Pro.

It may be hard to tell from this photo, but the entrance to the restaurant was almost completely blocked by this table, though the restaurant was open for business and there were patrons inside.  (The panel to the right is actually not a doorway.)

So, please come in.  Or not.

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5 Responses to Your table is ready, sir…

  1. Rodney says:

    That is funny Rey. And a fun shot. If it was an Italian restaurant, I would have started singing Billy Joel. Is this photo shopped with color increments and black and white? Or is the contrast that real?

    • Rey says:

      “… whatever kind of mood you’re in tonight…”

      The real scene was bright neon red throughout so I converted to B&W and then added back the red along the dominant pieces. I boosted structure (a Nik software term; think birthchild of contrast and sharpness) a bit in post.

      Thanks, Rodney…

  2. Ed Shields says:

    Great picture Rey, knowing it’s blocking the entrance really adds intrigue. I wonder what they would say if you asked for that table?

    • Rey says:

      Ed – I guess the real question is: is it a real table or decorative? Odd the manner in which it blocked the entrance. If I hadn’t been passing by quickly, I would have tried to get into the restaurant myself or waited to see someone enter/exit.

      It was a pleasant spring NYC evening. I would have gladly sat at that table, road noise and the extreme closeness of passersby be d*mned.


  3. Rodney says:

    Thanks for the explanation Rey. You did a great job then I think. Definitely the B&W conversion with red added back in makes it great.

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