Rodney’s Brazilian soccer adventure

Rodney Daly and a friend recently returned from a tour of Brazil, and their focus was on soccer.  Thousands of photos and a book are the result.  Rodney shares with us:

Brasil 95

Brasil 97

“Both of these photos were taken on a beach in Salvador. Salvador is on the north east side of Brazil along the Atlantic Ocean. Sunny, warm and soccer galore. Every beach we walked on had people of all ages playing soccer. On a beach, all you need is a ball, make shift goals and several people willing to play. These young men played the game fast and furious with gusto and always with passion, even though they were just recreational games. Soccer is a religion and a passion in Brazil. It was a pleasure to walk around and photograph these men. To me it was a form of street photography because the moments were always just that… in the moment! No posing, no smiling, just playing the game they love!

Our book was a passion of my buddy Danny Donuts, and I was fortunate enough to go along as the photographer.  All of my photos were taken with my Nikon D3000. We took about 2000 photos overall in our 15 day trek and narrowed it down to the best 150 or so shots for the book. Danny did most of the writing as he is the aficionado on the history of soccer in Brazil and its stadiums and museums. The whole trip was a blast and we highly recommend folks going to Brazil! If you don’t like soccer, there are plenty of other things there that the people are passionate about, and they are just lovely and full of life! Anybody who wants more info on Brazil, soccer or the book can contact me directly if they wish.”

Thanks Rodney!  Rodney informed us that he is offering a discount on his book, Fields of Passion,  to readers of 2 Guys Photo.  Please email him directly at for more information.


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5 Responses to Rodney’s Brazilian soccer adventure

  1. Rodney says:

    Thanks Ed and Rey! What an honor to be highlighted in your blog. Anyone out there who is interested in the book or have soccer friends or Brazilian friends, please contact me for any questions. To order on our website you can pay via paypal. If you do, choose the no shipping option and then I will mail the book to you personally and send a 5 dollar refund with it. So that is 25 dollars that includes shipping and handling. Or you can tell me you want one, I will send it to you and then you can send me 25 dollars when you get the book. And anyone who does buy the book, I always appreciate comments about the good and not so good photos. We are hoping to make a series out of it and travel to England, Italy, Spain and other soccer meccas. Hope you all are enjoying the 2 Guys blog as much as I have over the past few years! My friend Danny Donuts and I have also started a new blog together on USA soccer…
    Thanks, Rodney “Chip” Daly and Danny Donuts
    “The Red, White and Blues Brothers”.

  2. Rodney says:

    Thanks Mikeronesia! It was a fun adventure. Yes, the stadium shot with the young boy looking out is our cover shot. We have a good mix of stadium shots, professional games, and local pick up games.

  3. Virginia Duran says:

    Loved the first picture!

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