T A L L trees

rey spadoni

Sequoia National Park.  Taken with a Fujifilm X-E1 and converted in Silver Efex Pro.  Hard to tell, but these are some big trees.

This brings to a close our February in Black & White theme (a first for 2 Guys Photo).  Based on page views, comments and the wonderful submissions by the community, it was a success.  Thank you for visiting and for your inspiration!  And a special thank you to Jonne, Rodney, Frank, Prentis, Eamonn, Billie and Elizabeth for your amazing image contributions.

Stay tuned for the next theme… coming soon.

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9 Responses to T A L L trees

  1. Hey Rey,

    I had the privilege of traveling to San Francisco back in the 80’s and I went to Muir Woods to see the Redwoods. Gigantic trees! I took some film shots (yes, film), but I’ve long since lost those images in the subsequent moves over the years. Too bad…I had one where I was standing in the hollow of a standing Redwood – about a 5 by 5 foot circular area, 10 feet high! It was absolutely breathtaking.

    I really enjoy your B&W shot. Nice border, too…

    Frank V.

    • Rey says:

      Thanks, Frank.

      Muir Woods is spectacular; the boardwalked path is outstanding. Since you lost the images, you’re going to have to return (with the Nikon and Olympus of course).


  2. jonnenaarala says:

    Fantastic capture!

    I have to say that I was so very privileged to be included in your B&W month. I am feeling humble in so fantastic group of fellow photographers.


  3. Prentis says:

    The B&W theme was a great idea and showcased some very interesting work. I for one am looking forward to some color, just in time for Spring. (Hope springs eternal.)

    • Rey says:

      I’m with you, Prentis. Time for some color… though focusing on B&W did help refine my way of looking at light, patterns and contrast.

      Thank you for your participation!


  4. Wonderful shot, full and vibrant. These giants made me feel so small when I walked among them a few years ago. The Redwoods are more elegant, but nothing matches the magnitude of the Sequoia. I can send you a couple shots which reveal their size in comparison to people, if you like. Again, I enjoyed viewing this photograph.

  5. Rey, what a fun month of black and whites! Thank you so much for including my picture. I’m a light weight in comparison to the rest of the posts, but man was it fun!
    Beautiful shot of the redwoods, they are so glorious!

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