“Nature’s own black and white” by Elizabeth Liddell

BW, black and white, Elizabeth Liddell, frost, hedges, bushes, Scotland, Sony HX1

“Greetings from Scotland!

I’ve recently found your blog, reading with interest your articles on the NEX 6 and lenses for it. Great work!

I noticed the theme for February is black and white; I hope I’m not too late to join in … I’ve only just started exploring B/W again. Nostalgia perhaps?  I’m old enough to remember when ‘monochrome’ was the only ‘colour’ on offer! So I was happy to enjoy the explosion of colour into my photographs, especially as digital got seriously good. But there is a subtlety and nuance that B/W can offer in todays digital cameras … so I’m taking a new look.

Frost on bushes Dec 2011
(Nature’s own B/W)
This shot was NOT taken in B/W, but the result is nature’s own B/W!  There are just a few dabs of colour from berries, and light catching leaves … but the deep frost just served up a ‘winter monochrome’ ;o).  This was shot using a Sony HX1 bridge camera.  Settings used: Auto F/4 ISO-160. Focal length 19mm  Shutter speed 1/125 sec.”

A great find Elizabeth, and thank you for finding us and sharing this with us.  More of Elizabeth’s work can be found at her Flickr photo stream – worth a look!

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1 Response to “Nature’s own black and white” by Elizabeth Liddell

  1. What great light and I love the textures and the wooly feel that we get from the front most shrub.

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