Daily Photo Phix: Chilled

"Daily Photo Phix"

This photo is an example of color manipulation and post technique designed to emphasize the desired mood and effect of an image.  These water bottles were on ice in a large tub toward the center of a cafeteria I passed through.  The lighting tended toward the warm and there was an amber tone influenced by the automatic white balance setting on my Olympus EP1 digital camera.  Because I wanted to evoke a stronger sense of coldness, I played with sharpness, contrast, saturation and color in Apple Aperture until the shot just simply looked colder.  Brrrrrrr….

Did it work?

Posted by Rey

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1 Response to Daily Photo Phix: Chilled

  1. I think so, but maybe just a tad bluer? I always think of blue and cold as going together. I wonder what an inversion of the original would have looked like if it was that warm to begin with. Would i then have looked that much colder?

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