iPhone Photogs: free Nik app for limited time

If you are an iPhone photographer, you’ll want to take note of this opportunity.

Nik Software, a long time respected developer of post processing applications for the digital darkroom, recently introduced an iPhone photo app named Snapseed. It’s been met with very favorable reviews, despite it’s unconventional price of $4.99 in the App Store.

I learned last night that it is now available for free, but only through tomorrow, 9/23.

I downloaded it and quickly used it on a few images in my library. The reviews were right – Snapseed’s interface is intuitive, aided by screen overlays for the different filters, such as this:

These vanish easily and are not intrusive at all. There is also online help available from within the app.

The number of filters available is manageable – enough to be worth adding this app to your toolkit, but not so many that the user is overwhelmed with choices, (which I felt was the case with the 100 Cameras app).

You are able to adjust brightness, saturation and white balance globally, but you can also, through the use of control points, affect brightness, saturation and contrast selectively. That’s a feature not usually found in iPhone photo apps. B&W conversion and a filter titled “Drama” offer a pretty decent degree of control with pleasing results.

In addition to the expected options to crop and straighten, there are Grunge and Vintage filters, a Center Focus filter and Frames.

As for results, here are a few samples of some very quickly applied filters and edits. With more discovery and experimentation, I’m sure one can get much more creative.

Befores followed by Afters:

I recommend you download and give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and 2 Guys Photo would love to hear what you think. It will also run on the iPad and iPod Touch. But keep in mind, the free offer ends on 9/23.

– Posted by Ed


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3 Responses to iPhone Photogs: free Nik app for limited time

  1. I sent the link to a friend with a Touch. Thanks!

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