Photo advice from a Hockey Legend

True photogs will tell you that you should always have your camera with you, (I’ve even said it many times!), but in reality, that’s easier said than done.  However, since my phone is always with me, I’ve pressed it into photographic service on numerous occasions, and I’ve had ample opportunities to test it’s capturing capabilities.

Black-eyed Susans taken with an iPhone

Black-eyed Susans

The camera in the iPhone 4 uses a tiny lens to collect light on a tiny sensor, that miraculously results in a 5 megapixel image.  But taking the photo with an iPhone is only the beginning.  I find that the real creativity begins when you crop and edit, apply filters and frames, (including your watermark), all in the phone.  There are hundreds of photo-related apps available, and while not all apps are created equally, there are some that are pretty capable.

Red Tiger Lilies taken with an iPhone

Red Tiger Lilies

Here are a few flower shots taken recently that I thought I’d share. All three were captured while I was without a camera and honestly, not even thinking about photography. But when opportunity knocks, one must answer.  So using the Camera+ app, which I wrote about previously here, I captured these images.

The images were also post-processed in Camera+, except for the watermarks, which were added in an app named Iris.

Antique Antique Lily taken with an iPhone

© Ed Spadoni

While the iPhone is not going to compete with a dslr or a serious point & shoot, it does have the advantage of always being on your person.  And as we all know:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”

Wayne Gretzky, hockey great.

Feel free to share you best smart-phone images with us, and thanks for visiting.

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1 Response to Photo advice from a Hockey Legend

  1. Rodney says:

    Ha ha Ed… I like how you used Wayne’s analogy on hockey and applied it to photography. I wonder if Wayne ever did or does photography? Can you get a hold of him :0)?

    cheers, Rodney

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