You’re a landscape photographer and you seek inspiration from the 3w.  Waving a google wand, you encounter breathtaking vista upon breathtaking vista.  Monument Valley.  The Grand Canal of Venice.  The hidden beaches of Phuket.  You shrug your shoulders, grab you gear and head out into the comparatively mundane of your everyday surrounds.

Or you would like to conduct a proper photoshoot of a subject, some enviornmental portraiture perhaps.  The photo section of your Barnes & Noble, or a Borders now less likely, are stocked with tips and technique.  Instructional photos show set-ups of umbrellas, lightstands, softboxes and muslin backdrops.  But you don’t have any of that stuff…

2 Guys Photo is a site devoted to “the emerging photographer” and so we don’t emphasize the need to jump on a plane to go and capture beauty.  We don’t suggest that acceptable photo shoots require an acceptable credit drain first.  To to the contrary, we highlight the visually remarkable hidden within the ordinary.  As photographers, it’s our job to seek it.  And then to document it.

So, to that end, I embarked on an impropto photo shoot with some friends at a local bar.  I had instructed them in advance that I’d have a camera, not the sort that’s loud, big and flashy.  Rather, I entrusted the task to my Fujifilm X100, setting the camera to a stealthy silent and decidedly unflashy state.  Here are the photos.  My goal was simple: make images that captured the spirit of the evening (full of heated political, religious and even movie talk) and, I hope, a bit of the essence of each friend.

Some photos after the jump…








We’re going to continue to feature more “visually remarkable hidden within the ordinary” stories here.  And if you like to share some images, feel free to send them to us at


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12 Responses to Impromptu

  1. Mark says:

    It must have worked because you made me want a beer and I’m not a beer drinker.

  2. I think the ‘talking hands’ and the ‘lean in’ photo are very well done. I wish I had different photo ops than I’m getting in my yard…

  3. Kara says:

    Those are great! I think they really do give a glimpse into each of your pals.

  4. Kate says:

    Very nice…captured the essence of the men I must say!

  5. Fred says:

    We stole the camera and took a photo or two of Rey but I guess they didn’t develop properly HAH!
    As you can tell … it was a fun night and the pictures capture that. +Peace.

    • 2guysphoto says:

      Blog owner’s prerogative, Fred. Blog owner’s prerogative…

      It was a fun night. A big thanks to my photogenic and willing friends.


  6. Janet says:

    Feels like I’ve just met you all – so I would say that’s a VERY successful inpromptu photo evening!
    Terrific idea to intentionally look for the ‘hidden’ & I’ll be keeping that in mind with camera in hand…

  7. Billie King says:

    I’m with Mark, I’ll have a Corona with a lime and good dose of whatever jokes and great conversation was going on…Good friends, Great shots

  8. Linda Good says:

    I love candid shots like this – they are all great, and I really appreciate you sharing. Looked like a lot of fun too. I try to get candids at car shows and some turn out well, but I like that these you’ve shared are from a friendly and casual setting. Well done.

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