The best iPhone photo app just got better

I’ve been carrying an iPhone for almost two years and can see why they are so popular.  Information, games, web surfing, a camera and believe it or not, it’s even a phone!  I’ve taken hundreds if not thousands of photos with my iPhone, and although far from perfect, it’s with me and beats not getting the shot at all.  Mine is an older model, twice superseded, and I’m anxiously awaiting the next iteration (c’mon Apple!).

camera +   scrn shot I’ve sampled many of the most popular, and not so popular, photography apps and have settled in with a few of my favorites.  By far, my best experience has been with an app named “Camera +”, (not to be confused with “Camera Plus”).  As of this writing, Camera + is the top paid app on the App store.

Camera + allows you to take the picture and then go right into editing it, with a wide assortment of faux-flash effects, “Color, Retro and “Special” effects and borders.  Given the limitations of my elder iPhone camera  itself, this app has helped me make some very decent images, such as this one, taken, edited and framed with Camera +:

Silk flowers iphone, camera +

But a recent update to Camera + added what I think is the best improvement yet.  It’s called “Clarity” and has the effect of adding dynamic range to the image.  Here are some quick before and afters:

pizza and beer before Clarity Pizza and Beer after Clarity

Eggs after Clarity

Eggs after Clarity

Snowy trees before Clarity

Snowy trees after  Clarity

For all three sets, the first pic is straight from the iPhone, the second has the Clarity effect added.  I think the result is striking.  And remarkably, this app is only $.99 and like most apps, upgrades are free.  What a concept, free upgrades.  Microsoft, take note!

You can read more about Camera + at photographer and iPhone developer Lisa Bettany’s site.

If you are an “iphoneographer”, please share some of your images and tell us about your favorite photo apps.

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6 Responses to The best iPhone photo app just got better

  1. arthill says:

    Just curious to know if you have tried Photoshop Express for the iphone. I downloaded the Android version.

  2. And meanwhile I’m stuck with my BB dreaming of taking decent pics with my phone. Until then FB suffers…

  3. John says:

    Everything would be great, if Apple let people run whatever software they want. Unfortunately, they don’t let you control the device you paid for. The same is the case with many other devices of other companies and it only gets worse. I hope the future is not going to be like this… People give up freedom for convenience too easily.

    I got a DSLR in December and I’m happy to say that I have been only using free software to process my pictures. Maybe other software packages are slightly better at this and that, but for all my purposes digikam, gimp, hugin, ufraw, qtpfsgui, and command line tools really rock!

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