Pick a word and shoot it

One of my favorite photographic challenges, particularly if I find myself wondering what to tackle next, is to pick a word.  One word.  And then go out and attempt to make an image that captures the very essence of the word.

Rey 103.jpg

These photos represent, to me, the word subtle.

DSC_0154.JPG (1).jpg


It’s a helpful exercise to challenge yourself, or your photo friend, to take a predetermined number of photos that simply represent the chosen word.  Such exercises help you to see (see Ed’s earlier post) your environment in, hopefully, new and creative ways.

Here are a few words worth shooting: consolation, dissonance, gravitas, metaphor, missing, fractured, elevate…

What mood or feelings come to mind when you consider these words?  Let that mood, those feelings, marinate for a while and then go grab your camera.

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