Tunnel view, winter

rey spadoni

A few years back, it was a long drive from the coast where we were put up in modern luxury and then here to scuffed wooden beams and ancient scenery.  A darkened morning storm gave way to an hour of light.  We packed up with purpose and sped along to this iconic vista.

And then the dark and stormy returned.

Yosemite National Park with a lowly Olympus Pen.

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5 Responses to Tunnel view, winter

  1. Rodney says:

    Oh wow. Yosemite is always beautiful, but this is spectacular! I was there in winter once and wouldn’t have been able to find a shot this good! I do want to go back though. thanks for the beautiful scene this morning Rey!

    • Rey says:

      Thank you, Rodney. So many of our beautiful national parks have stunning vistas, but this one stands out to me. It’s called Tunnel View because it follows immediately after emerging from a long mountain tunnel. I’ve been there twice, once in summer and once in winter. Both times, I found a gaggle of photographers there with cameras planted on competing tripods. So, this image exists a million times over. Still special to me, though.


  2. beaubeauuaeb says:

    Eh, could I ask which PEN are you using? Mine is PEN E-PL7. Still a newbie though. it’s nice if you share mirrorless camera photography tips! 🙂

    • Rey says:

      Hi – it was the PEN E-PL2 (taken back in February 2011). You’ll no doubt notice that I’m a big mirrorless fan… so check back often!


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