I stand alone

tree, trees, clouds, lonely, hill

© 2013 Ed Spadoni, iPhone 5

I am never late for breakfast.  Or lunch or dinner or medical appointments.  I am never late for anything for that matter.  I was always punctual by nature, but was never quite so mindful of the clock, that is, until I became a resident of building K, room 205.

Although four years have transpired and correspondence has been mislaid, I remain optimistic that my agents are vigorously pursuing a revision to the opinion that confines me here.  Meanwhile, I have adapted to a life with no control and near-constant surveillance.  For example, I decided early on to suppress my normally gregarious personality and become a transparent soul in order to blend and disacknowledge myself.

Now if you think I do this for my own physical welfare, you’re partially correct.  Yes, there are men here who are more sturdy and aggressive than I, but I also choose to remain distant from that element so as to not lessen my cerebral superiority by dilution and association.  For despite the encumbrances, I still have work to do.

The nature of my endeavors I am not able to discuss, but suffice to say it requires all of my intellect and ability to recollect complex relationships found in the physical sciences.  And I must be able to communicate exquisitely else my (future) disciples will suffer needlessly.

I apologize for being so equivocal, but I am dedicated to my task, and cannot risk revealing an iota to you, or anyone you may, even casually, mention this to, else I will join the ranks of failed men.

You see, I have learned that with a surreptitious existence, I am quite content, you might even say merry, with the knowledge that there are they and there is I.

And I am not influenced, I am not altered, I am not penetrated.  For despite their best efforts, I stand alone.

The above transcript are the words conveyed to me during a brief visit with a once renowned professional man.

The above photo is the view from his only window.

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14 Responses to I stand alone

  1. Ed,

    A haunting, powerful revelation from the (obviously) institutionalized.

    Frank V.

  2. Steven Tryon says:

    Thanks, Ed. My mom, one of the smartest, sharpest people I have ever known is now watching her memory slip away.
    Thank God for a room with a view.

  3. RMW says:

    I am mindful of being grateful every day for my independence and freedom…… you never know what is coming next in life or when it is coming… (but at least it’s a nice view).

  4. Rodney says:

    That is quite a story. One that could be read many ways I think. Sadness perhaps? I think it reflects resilience and finding a way to be merry under circumstances you may not enjoy. I like the photo too! The cloud seems to stand alone. The tree on the hill seems to stand alone. Yet there is a lot going on around them. I hope I can stand alone with strength like this gentleman does.

  5. Rob says:

    Wonderful post!

  6. Clanmother says:

    I came back to read this a couple of times for this theme resonates with all of humanity. We live in a finite reality, yet possess an indomitable spirit that seek the infinite. We live within community, but there are times, when we must embrace an unknown pathway, alone! Thank you for a most excellent post.

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