February is Black & White month – Reminder

rey spadoniJust a quick reminder: we’ll be posting only b&w images on 2 Guys Photo during the month of February.  If you’d like to participate, send us up to two images (high resolution) to 2guysphoto@gmail.com and we’ll post the very best.


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6 Responses to February is Black & White month – Reminder

  1. Rey,

    Fantastic image! (as always)

    Since I’ve been shooting a great deal in Baltimore recently, I’m submitting two from Baltimore. One is of the Commerce Place building (1 South St), handheld shot from a parking garage. The other is of the city & inner harbor, tripod shot from the 30th floor balcony atop the same Commerce Place building (thanks to Richard Henneberry and the American Real Estate Partners property management group for permission to photograph from their building). Enjoy…

    Commerce Place

    Inner Harbor From Commerce Place

  2. Oops! You can’t download these. I’ll forward to the DropBox folder tonight…

  3. Prentis says:

    How appropriate. February is pretty much black and white anyway.

  4. Clanmother says:

    Looking forward to seeing all the black and white photos!!!

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