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Weekend Inspiration: Have you ever been Bob?

From Pixar’s wonderful, The Incredibles.  If you’re not familiar with the plot line, the main character here is a Superman-like superhero who has lost the ability to serve as superhero.  So, he finds himself with a desk job, staring out … Continue reading

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Weekend Inspiration: Best Selfie Ever

So many questions, so many questions… How does a guy travel this much? How is it possible to get selfies in all those situations? Do you recognize some of the places featured? How do I get this guy’s life?

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Weekend Inspiration: Time Lapse Done Good, Real Good

Here is a time lapse video compilation by Taiwanese photographer, Stan Chang.  According to Mr. Chang: “One family, 2 cameras*, 30 countries, 60 flights, 1000+ time lapse videos, 200,000+ images – almost 20 terabytes of data!”  These are clips shot … Continue reading

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Weekend Inspiration: Now this is a hero!

This left me speechless.  And it helped me to recalibrate myself in a very good way.  Hope it has the same effect on you…

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Weekend Inspiration: The Flashmob Recovery

If you’re struggling to recover from Black Friday, then perhaps this will help. Have a great weekend!

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Weekend Inspiration: The Lowly Fisheye

Sometimes the fisheye is the Rodney Dangerfield of photography.  Detractors will describe it as a one-trick pony, a special purpose lens, even as a gimmick.  The extremely wide angle of view throws distortion all over the place, making it exactly … Continue reading

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Weekend Inspiration: What a Wonderful World!

A friend sent this video to me recently and I was blown away.  Blown away. It’s from the BBC and features David Attenborough’s voice over a very familiar song. At 2 Guys Photo, we lean toward still imagery, but the … Continue reading

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