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“How slow can you go?”

This was the question I asked myself during a recent photowalk on a brisk Saturday morning in December which brought us to one of my favorite destinations, Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick, Massachusetts.  Broadmoor consists of 624 acres of forest, … Continue reading

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Daily Photo Phix: What does she see in him?

Walking through a long corridor in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas last year, I spotted this advertisement on the wall.  The woman’s pose and gaze intrigued me, so I camped out on the opposite side of the corridor and … Continue reading

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Slow it down… to speed it up…

It’s a classic photo technique: slow the shutter speed down in order to convey a sense of movement via the introduction of motion blur.  Ed wrote about it here.  The photo above of a passing motorcyclist was taken at 1/25 … Continue reading

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Slow it down for Maximum Impact

We generally think of shooting in shutter priority mode when we have action that we are trying to freeze.  Dial in a fast shutter speed to stop that passing car, that swooping bird, or those passing cyclists. But shutter priority … Continue reading

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