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Popping an Orange Lily (After and before)

If you have the opportunity to wander some of the back roads of Cape Cod during the spring and summer months, you’ll be treated to a wide variety of beautiful flowers, some growing wild and even more in the front … Continue reading

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Photography, Fonts and YOU!

This post was contributed by our friend and Featured Photographer, Maryann Goldman (AKA Fotomom).  Anyone asked to describe Maryann’s work would not get too far without using terms like “creative”, “resourceful” and “fun”.  Today, Maryann is going to explain how … Continue reading

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Ask 2 Guys Photo: “I’m ready for my close up!”

We received this question from “Just Shoot Me”, a 2 Guys Photo fan who previously asked us about composition.  She’s back with another question, this one’s about getting in close. Dear 2 Guys Photo, Greetings once again! This time I … Continue reading

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Be a Better Photog, part 2: See and be seen

In our previous Be a Better Photog post, we discussed the need to challenge yourself and focus on making better images via photo assignments, photo walks and daily photos.  The takeaway from that post was: Set goals, assess results, learn, … Continue reading

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