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Mirrorless Cameras: Early 2014 State of the State

Here at 2 Guys Photo, we like our cameras small.  Having moved on from (despite the occasional reunion) larger DSLR cameras, we enjoy the freedom, flexibility and chiropractic benefits that accrue from toting much smaller kits.  And because we’re not … Continue reading

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Something for everyone

YouTube is a vast repository of interesting, useful, comical, inane and brainless information.  This particular video, posted by Bart Zoni, caught my eye because of it’s title: Mirrorless Camera vs. DSLR.   Image Quality? Since I recently decided to go mirrorless … Continue reading

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Auto-HDR in the Sony NEX 6

The new Sony NEX 6 mirrorless camera has an Auto-HDR feature which works just as you would expect: it captures three images with one press of the shutter, at slightly different exposures, then merges them into one image. At the … Continue reading

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The new Sony NEX 6

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my experience with the mirrorless Sony NEX 5N camera.  Thanks to its APS-C sensor, it met my requirements for a high quality image making camera in a smaller package, but there were a … Continue reading

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