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Micro Four Thirds and Night Photography?

  2 Guys Photo reader, Rory, wrote in response to one of my m4/3 reviews: Hi there, I’m really liking these M4/3 cameras, never had a M4/3 cam before but thinking about the EPL3. Would you recommend it for night … Continue reading

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Terry Banet: Safari Photographer

With gratitude to 2 Guys Photo featured photographer, Ray Sachs, we’re pleased to introduce Terry Banet.  If you check out her site (see here), you’ll note that she is a talented and multi-faceted artist.  But what caught my eye when … Continue reading

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Olympus EP3 User Report

2 Guys Photo featured photographer Ray Sachs, a seasoned micro four-thirds shooter and talented street photographer, recently acquired the new Olympus EP3 digital camera.  This report is based on his first impressions and includes a number of images he recently … Continue reading

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Ask the Guys

We received the following question from Allen, a 2 Guys Photo follower: “I have a Nikon S70.  I like the looks and features of the camera and the fact that it is slim and portable for occasional photography stints.  My problem is … Continue reading

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Taking it to the Streets: m4/3 vs. X100

Since we’ve been on the theme of street photography lately, I thought I’d report out some recent findings regarding my current street shooting kits.  I could just have easily entitled this post as: “Head and Heart Take to the Streets.” … Continue reading

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My Quick Take: the E-PL2 vs. the GF2

In the three-part series on my transition from a full DSLR kit toward a micro four-thirds set-up, particularly in Part 3, I commented that my experience had been mostly a favorable one.  But, there was one troubling annoyance that I … Continue reading

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Why I’m Big on Small – Part 3 of 3

This post concludes the three part series on my transition away from my normal Nikon digital SLR kit and toward the smaller and lighter micro four-thirds system.  Part 1 contained the background and Part 2 the rationale for the switch. … Continue reading

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Why I’m Big on Small – Part 1 of 3

When new “standards” emerge with a goal of toppling existing ones, it’s usually a long and difficult climb for the upstart.  Just ask Sony (Betamax in the mid ’70s, Digital Audio Tape in the mid ’80s, the Minidisc in the … Continue reading

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