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Auto-HDR in the Sony NEX 6

The new Sony NEX 6 mirrorless camera has an Auto-HDR feature which works just as you would expect: it captures three images with one press of the shutter, at slightly different exposures, then merges them into one image. At the … Continue reading

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HDR, in living color

This three image HDR merge was taken a few weeks ago when the foliage was just beginning to turn.  The setting sun created a very high contrast scene but three exposures merged into one helped to even out the brights … Continue reading

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Boston Skyline Take 1, Take 2

As I drove along the Charles River in Boston, with the dramatic sky hovering above the Copley area skyline (as opposed to the downtown version, complete with the relatively new Zakim Bridge), I knew I’d have to find a place … Continue reading

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Daily Photo Phix: The chapel at Tlaquepaque

Tlaquepaque is a lush and colorful village of shopping, dining, art and cultural experiences in Sedona, AZ.  Although it was begun in the 1970’s, it has the look and feel of a centuries old Mexican village. This is the chapel … Continue reading

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HDR and the Eye of the Beholder

All of the photos in this post were taken… created… by high dynamic range (HDR) jedi master, Trey Ratcliff.  These and many, many more photos are featured on his stunning website and blog entitled Stuck in Customs.  If you don’t … Continue reading

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Jumping on the HDR bandwagon

I’m testing the do-it-all (or nearly all) Nikon P500 monster zoom compact camera (user report coming) and as I was out this evening walking around town, I was surprised to see buried in the backlight scene mode, an in-camera HDR … Continue reading

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Fujifilm X100 for HDR?

The Fujifilm X100 as point and shooter on steroids (i.e., fast fixed lens and APS-C sized sensor), as street shooter, as minimialist retro plaything? Sure, it’s all those things. But nobody’s really describing it as a good landscape camera… and … Continue reading

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Which is better?

Just returned from a few days out West and am playing around now with some of the several hundred shots I took.  As I’m a fan of HDR photography but always strive for realistic, not garish, I posted the first … Continue reading

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High Dynamic Range in the Grand Canyon

Rey recently posted an HDR image of a Boston cityscape which came out great.  I thought I’d add another HDR, this one of a Grand Canyon sunset, taken last fall. The goal in creating an HDR image is to capture … Continue reading

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the wider view

Experimenting with HDR (high dynamic range) photography and an ultra-wide perspective at Boston’s Christian Science complex. Shot with a Nikon D7000 and Sigma 10-20 lens. Three bracketed shots merged together in Photomatix Pro. An HDR tutorial is in the works… … Continue reading

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night falls

Took this photo with a relatively inexpensive Panasonic TS1 rugged/waterproof camera, which was all I had with me as I drove by this scenic spot. The true capture was tinted toward the cool end of the white balance spectrum and … Continue reading

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