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Auto-HDR in the Sony NEX 6

The new Sony NEX 6 mirrorless camera has an Auto-HDR feature which works just as you would expect: it captures three images with one press of the shutter, at slightly different exposures, then merges them into one image. At the … Continue reading

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Daily Photo Phix: Sunset in a hurry

Late yesterday, in the middle of this Labor Day weekend, we took a leisurely drive through the nearby countryside.  I had been eyeing the sunset, thinking this would be one of those beauties with which God rewarded the patient photographer. … Continue reading

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Exposure Compensation: to EV or not to EV…

Today’s digital camera’s are wonders of modern technology, encompassing miniature optical, mechanical and electrical systems, and even a CPU.  All of these marvels can be had for as little as a hundred dollars or you can pay upwards of several … Continue reading

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