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Dad’s Basement, continued

  And the man himself. “Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”  Pope John XXIII

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Dad’s Basement

I recently had an opportunity to do something I loved doing as a child – hanging out in the basement with Dad.  I‘m still mesmerized by all the interesting tools and unique parts he has down there, and appreciating the … Continue reading

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Thanks Dad

Able to fix anything, and I mean ANYTHING, calm in the face of chaos, and ruggedly good looking. The complete package. Thanks for everything Dad. Photo by Rey.

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Fishing with Dad

There’s something special about going fishing as a kid.  Lazy summer breezes, ripples on the pond, anticipation.  There are life lessons to be gained through fishing, pertaining to success and failure, patience, and learning from experience. And as great as … Continue reading

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A family classic

For as long as I, (and I’m betting most members of our family), can remember, whenever we left my parents’ home, they would come out to the front steps, weather permitting, to say good bye and wave as we drove … Continue reading

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Daily Photo Phix: Dad

There’s little I can add to the title. He is my true hero and the manner of his existence proves it. Happy birthday, dad.  I love you… (Fujifilm X100, ISO 640, f2, 1/60 second.  A wee bit of fidgeting in … Continue reading

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