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Ask 2 Guys Photo: “I’m ready for my close up!”

We received this question from “Just Shoot Me”, a 2 Guys Photo fan who previously asked us about composition.  She’s back with another question, this one’s about getting in close. Dear 2 Guys Photo, Greetings once again! This time I … Continue reading

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More macro photography on a budget….

Reading Ed’s post about obtaining top shelf macro shots with bottom drawer photo equipment reminded me of another way to gain decent results without the deeper investment of macro lenses for DSLR or interchangeable lens cameras.  Almost all of us … Continue reading

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Macro photography on a budget

In it’s simplest definition, “Macro photography is close-up photography of usually very small subjects”, (Wikipedia).   For anyone who has photographed with a macro lens, or viewed macro images, getting in close can convert an everyday object into a piece of … Continue reading

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