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The Gambel Quail

A proud male as seen near Hoover Dam, the Arizona – Nevada border.  From DesertUSA:  DescriptionGambel’s quail are pear-shaped birds with short legs and roundish wings. Both sexes are gray above and buff below, with white-streaked russet sides. Males have … Continue reading

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Something to hope for

“Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”    Joseph Addison

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A bluejay, by Mark Twain

“A bluejay is human; he has got all a man’s faculties and a man’s weakness. He likes especially scandal; he knows when he is an ass as well as you do.”  Mark Twain Fujifilm X-S1, Lightroom 4

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Robin Red Breast Heralds Spring

Some more bird watching with the Fujifilm X-S1… I continue to be impressed with the long range capabilities of this advanced bridge camera.  Edited in Lightroom 4.

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So, where’s the “wildlife”??

We kicked off this week by telling you about our photo-walk last Saturday at an Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, and then proceeded to show you some of our shots from that day.  You’ve probably wondered where the wildlife photos were.   Well, … Continue reading

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Harbor Master

From the 10th floor of our hotel overlooking Boston Harbor. This fellow was on duty, supervising the comings and goings, almost the entire time of our visit. iPhone 5, Snapseed

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Daily Photo Phix: Birdseye

This seagull soared gracefully overhead during a pre-season visit to the beach.  Using a Nikon 18-200 zoom lens on my D90, zoomed out fully, at a large aperture of f/5.6 and a quick shutter of 1/2000s, I was able to … Continue reading

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Daily Photo Phix: Peering

I am not a wildlife photographer.  This image is probably all the proof you need!  Taken with a Sony A77 and the kit 16-50/2.8.  A bit more reach would have allowed less cropping and that might have been helpful.  Some … Continue reading

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