abandoned and ended – part 2 of 2

rey spadoni

Boarded up, abandoned.  She read that he lived in it right up to the end.  The plywood looked old, worn, so that was his existence.

She ran from the side door when she was 17 years old, without shoes or even socks.  His voice trailed off as she ran.  “You can have her, good luck” he screamed… as though the world would understand his warning.

He left it to his brother’s son who would tear it down, sell the land.  Probably worth a few bucks but not to her.

In her dreams she stood in front of the house and hurled a giant rock, crashing through one of the windows, but most of those were gone now… or already shattered, ruining the effect.

Instead she stood there, motionless.  She reached down and took the largest stone she could find.

Peering downward, she offered loudly: “You can have him, good luck”… as though the netherworld would understand her warning.

And she placed the stone into her pocket and moved onward.

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4 Responses to abandoned and ended – part 2 of 2

  1. Rodney says:

    Cool photos Rey. Is there an app for this or did you actually take the photos thru a window on a rainy day? I like the effect.

    • Rey says:

      Hey Rodney – sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This was actually a shot through a window on a rainy day. Some post processing added after to give it the dream-line quality.



  2. Terrific! Intriguing photo and great end to the short story

  3. Bob Dungan says:

    I like the photo. You did a good job of writing a essay to go with the photo. Very creative.

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