hometown indifference – part 1 of 2

rey spadoni

It had been a decade, almost to the day.  The resentment and regression from that one trip cost her two years in recovery.  In her mind, she bade a final farewell.  Never again, she reasoned… never again.

But the note containing the news, a note she knew would someday come, brought her back to there.

She expected more changes, noticed few.

The two local coffee shops on the way in were Dunkin’ Donuts now and the strip mall where her parents both worked was gone, an empty parking lot for the furniture store complex next door.  That seemed appropriate.

She expected a welling up, to be overtaken by it.

But instead it rolled past her, like franchise coffee shops and flattened sorrows in slow motion.  Like water stained memories on color drained photographs.

She drove on and toward it.

She had recovered.

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2 Responses to hometown indifference – part 1 of 2

  1. Fantastic! Come on, Part II!

  2. Karen says:

    You captured beautifully through words and photography what so many have experienced, including myself. Your talent is awesome!

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