Dad’s Basement

IMG_67302015-02-21LRX SRGB

I recently had an opportunity to do something I loved doing as a child – hanging out in the basement with Dad.  I‘m still mesmerized by all the interesting tools and unique parts he has down there, and appreciating the vast experience he has in using them.

IMG_67182015-02-21LRX SRGB

IMG_67222015-02-21LRX SRGB

IMG_67202015-02-21LRX SRGB

IMG_67212015-02-21LRX SRGB

“I have a thing for tools.”  Tim Allen and Dad

More tomorrow…


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5 Responses to Dad’s Basement

  1. Rey says:

    It’s amazing how photographic wonderlands can exist right under you nose and you never really know it…

    I’ve been in that basement a million times and never once did I think: “hmmm… what shall I photograph here?”

    There’s a lesson in it.

    The second and fourth shots are particularly worthy, Ed. Nice.


  2. Rodney says:

    Dad’s have the most interesting things that go unnoticed! Just a great reminder we should pay closer attention to our dads AND moms. I love the 2nd and 3rd photos the best!

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