“Warm” wishes from Buenos Aires!

Dear Ed and Rey –
Over the years I have enjoyed your wonderful display of posts and sharing of news and advice in the world of photography. Today I saw your post of a warm weather photo and a plea for more to help you defrost from your frozen world. I immediately thought of this photo from earlier this week.

We escaped the winter cold this year by flying down to Buenos Aires, Argentina for 8 weeks. It has been fabulous. We love the energy of this city and all the sights and sound of city living. This is a fairly common sight when out on the streets. So many people have dogs here, but not the time to walk them…definitely had to be a warm day for this scene to play out.

I hope spring will arrive soon for you and that the snow will not cause too many problems when melting away! Hang in there! Hillary Shemin

Thanks very much Hillary. This scene gives us a great “slice of life” from a warmer climate – just what we needed!

We appreciate not only your photo but your support over the years.

Any more warm weather photos anyone??🌅


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4 Responses to “Warm” wishes from Buenos Aires!

  1. What a thrill to be included in your wonderful posts! Love seeing my photo here! Wishing you warm days ahead! Thank you so much, it’s an honor to be published in your blog!
    Warm wishes! ~Hillary

  2. Rodney says:

    I love this photo Hillary! South America has a different scene and feel for sure. The best part of the photo to me is the boy who is turning is head and looking back. Is he scared? Curious? Does he just want to pet the dogs and his mom is leading him away? So many possibilities and my imagination loves those kinds of photos. Thanks for sharing the warmth with us northerners!

    • Thank you Rodney! Very kind of you to leave a comment and such a nice one, too! Yes, the little boy was a sweet surprise to see! Not looking forward to returning to the frozen tundra of Philly later this week. We dodged a frozen bullet spending 8 weeks down here!

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