Pluscarden Abbey

joey spadoniHere are two more images from Joey, both taken at Pluscarden Abbey, located in northern Scotland and home to Benedictine monks.

I’m presenting them here because I’ve been watching the evolution of Joey’s post-processing style.  In the above image, the colors of the forest are subdued in a manner reminiscent of Kodak Kodachrome slide film and the couple here pulls off the page (screen) due to selective adjustments in Lightroom.  This is my speculation but I’ve watched him work and have been increasingly impressed by the care he gives to faces and especially eyes.  Notice also the effective use of backlighting and glare behind the woman.

The image below is an establishing shot for the abbey and shows use of selective colorization… a tired but sometimes effective technique.  To me, it works here because of how stark the red of the door appears next to the contrast soaked (i.e., exaggerated) landscape.

Both taken with a Fujifilm X100s.

joey spadoni


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1 Response to Pluscarden Abbey

  1. Rodney says:

    Bravo! Nothing tired about either photo. I love the use of selective color in the black and white shot. And I only wish I could take portrait photos HALF that good. Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us to enjoy Joey!!

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