A Wandering Reunion

Joey Spadoni

My son, Joseph, has contributed to 2 Guys Photo in the past (see here).  He is a fervent Fujifilm X100s shooter, able to squeeze great versatility out of its (to me) limiting persona.

He’s studying in Europe this year and during the winter break, he and I set out for a photo walk at a nearby wildlife sanctuary.  Propelled by caution and comfort, my own prior treks to the site led me on a well known and easy to follow peripheral path, across familiar paths and boardwalks, in circular fashion, right back to the car.  On this particular day, as the skies threatened rain, we set out to discover new scenery.  Lost in conversation — this always happens with the two of us (we had a lot of catching up to do) — we came off the known way and found new and different paths.  It was exciting, even though rain drops started to lightly fall.  I myself had a faint sense of worry; this was not the right way… where is the visitor center from here?

At one point, we stopped at this particular spot.  Joey planted his X100s on a tripod, switched to neutral density mode and set up the scene.  In 30 minutes, I took 25 images in the same spot.  He grabbed maybe 3 or 4.

Eventually, we acknowledged what we both knew: we were lost.

So, we tried to use the mapping feature on our smartphones and estimated where precisely the parking lot was from where we stood.  We estimated.  And the rain started to fall more forcefully.

We wandered for a while.  For a long while, actually.  At times, my instinct was to bear left, his was to go right.  We disagreed but compromised.  Finally, we saw another hiker on the trail.  With a heavy Eastern European accent, she offered her own sense of the way back.  It clashed with our own, but we obliged.

And we found our way out.

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9 Responses to A Wandering Reunion

  1. Rodney says:

    As usual, Joey shines! I wish I could take water fall photos like that! The action AND the stillness of it are amazing to view!

    • Rey says:

      Thanks, Rodney. You only need three things to take a photo like that: (1) a good ND filter, (2) a tripod and (3) a strong compositional eye. I have the first two!


  2. Melodie Oleson says:

    Wow! That is some strong gene pool!

  3. Prentis says:

    Nice one Joey. That one calls for a framed print.
    We are X100 kindred spirits. (Mine is the original X100 not X100s, but with the firmware updates they are pretty close.) Not sure what your dad means when he says you can “squeeze versatility” out of it. What’s up with that, dad? Sure, it isn’t a fast break basketball shooter, but hey.

  4. Rey says:

    Prentis – it’s the fixed focal lenght thing. 90% of the time, it’s delightful. 10% of the time, it’s a frustrating mess. In Joey’s (and your) hands… magic happens, however.

    I hope Seattle has returned to normal after “the game”.


    • Prentis says:

      OK. I get it. That is why I keep my D90 batteries charged.
      We’ve moved on to thinking about baseball. Speaking of returning to normal, have you been able to get out of your driveway lately? All we hear about on the news is Boston getting hammered with snow.

  5. Rey says:

    Getting out of the driveway has been tough. Snowblowers throw snow up onto banks that collapse back down… which is a fairly new phenomenon here. Feels like Buffalo, New York.

    A few more inches tomorrow and then this coming weekend could bring another major storm.

    Expect to see images of large piles of snow on 2 Guys.

    Hope you’re faring better…


    • Prentis says:

      You guys have all of our snow. The have closed most of the ski areas. Actually they really haven’t been open but a few days. It has been in the 50’s all winter here in Seattle. At least we can drive around with no problems.

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