Patriots: Super Bowl Champs!


Seattle Times screen grab just seconds after the game ended.  If you saw it then you understand.

Six Super Bowls with Tom Brady.  Six games decided in the final seconds.  Six games each separated by four points or less.

To our Seattle readers, our apologies.

But GO PATS!!!

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2 Responses to Patriots: Super Bowl Champs!

  1. Prentis says:

    Don’t rub it in. Our city is in a total funk. NOBODY can understand that play call. But hey, it’s just a game. Watch out next year! Go Hawks!

    • Rey says:

      We understand, Prentis. The Pats had two Super Bowl victories in our hands, but then watched them fall away out of our fingertips in the final minutes. Especially after our ‘perfect season’, to have lost in that manner… it was painful.

      So, we had two Super Bowls we should have won, but lost. Now we have one we should have lost, but won.

      I’ll be curious to see how the Hawks come back from this.


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