The dreary overtures

rey spadoni

It was the dreary, gas starved ’70s.  We had so much hope then, though.

I moved in with them on a whim, probably to show the old man I could take him or leave him, do fine on my own.

Just a pinch he called it.  She approved.  I thought she’d be impressed if I said yes, so he taped up my arm and in it went.  Even though I had her eventually, I always regretted that first time.

Here is where it started.  Where I went down under it.  I had choices, but I squandered every one of them.

Haven’t seen them since those days.  I heard she got lung cancer which is ironic because we thought the smokes were the least of her problems.

He found his way.  Got into a church thing.

I never should have gone there, but it’s who I ended up becoming.

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