Lou Nachman’s Backyard Birds

lou nachman

Photo by Louis Nachman

lou nachman

Photo by Louis Nachman

OK, they’re actually from Lou’s front yard (and a few were taken in Scottsdale, Arizona) but who’s counting?

Lou Nachman presents these gems, all taken with his Pentax K mount cameras (most with the mighty K-3, the Arizona shots with the predecessor K-5 body).  Here are the Arizona shots, both of hummingbirds (not easy to shoot) and both taken with the oft overlooked Pentax 55-300 kit telezoom.

lou nachman

Photo by Louis Nachman

lou nachman

Photo by Louis Nachman

Hummingbirds are not easy to capture and I applaud Lou for these beautiful and wonderfully colorful images.

Read on for some exceptional back/front yard shots.

lou nachman

Photo by Louis Nachman

This is a tufted Titmouse waiting for an open perch on the feeder. K-3, Pentax A-400/5.6, F7.1,1/200 sec, ISO 800.

lou nachman

Photo by Louis Nachman

This is a Purple Finch on Lou’s feeder.  K-3, Pentax A-400/5.6  F 9, 1/400 sec, ISO 1600.

Thank you to Lou for sharing these beautiful images with the 2 Guys Photo audience!

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6 Responses to Lou Nachman’s Backyard Birds

  1. Each a stellar shot! Thank you for sharing with us, and for identifying the birds. Great way to start my day.

  2. Ed Spadoni says:

    These are beautiful Lou… great detail and composition. The bokeh on that first one is fantastic. Thanks for sending them to 2 Guys Photo. Ed

  3. Rodney says:

    Wowzer! Amazing shots Lou. I love the first 3 with the blurred backgrounds and crisp focus on the birds! The colors are mind blowing. And the 4th shot is just incredible. What kind of patience you must have had! Thanks for the specs on the last two shots, Did you use a tripod?

  4. Lou Nachman says:

    Thanks Thelma, Ed, and Rodney. No tripod used for these, but practicing on our local Osprey families with manual focus the last two years has helped increase the keeper rate. 2 Guys Photo provides the motivation.

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