A grimmer term

rey spadoni

The joy and hope of new starts trailing now

Understanding the january, february and some say much of march to forward

She slapped her hand to formica, coffee cup stirred, to awaken him from a grimmer term

He noticed, saw her concern and argued in favor of a fictional rendering

Her the reluctant buyer, wanting to offer relief but the slap was her only offering

There was little else to do in the moment but to do what they knew best

Sitting upright now, biting his lower, he offered a resolve, half-heartedly played

Battle scars salved, war fuming still…


Nikon D750, Nikon 35/2D, Lightroom conversion and tweaks.

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2 Responses to A grimmer term

  1. Prentis says:

    I read it three times…a novel in one paragraph. Thanks Rey.

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