After 47 years

rey spadoni

It fell to Leonardo, the youngest.  Paolo was their father’s oldest friend, a partner in the business.  But Pa was gone and times weren’t easy.

“But 47 years, Leo.  47 years!  Just a few more, that’s all I need.”

Paolo thought of offering him a smoke, of patting on the shoulder, even a hug.  Instead he just coughed up some of the night air.  “I’m sorry, Paolo.”  He stood upright, thinking that was what he needed to do in the moment.

Kids were gone, grandkids too far away now.  Morning papers, cappuccinos to go, a walk across the waterfront to the best home he had known in all that time.


[Image taken of strangers on a side street in Sorrento, Italy.  Story inferred.  Camera: Olympus OM-D EM1.]

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1 Response to After 47 years

  1. ah, wonderful! I love making up stories about strangers..

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