A day at the race

At a recent half marathon in Norwell MA, from our position just before the finish line, we witnessed all sorts of spectators and runners.  I don’t know which I found more interesting.  There were funny families…

S01119302014-11-16LRX SRGB

And serious friends…

S01519492014-11-16LRX SRGB

Runners came in pairs…

S01619532014-11-16LRX SRGB

Entire families came out to spur Mom onto the finish line…

S02019792014-11-16LRX SRGB

And even after running 13 miles, some runners finished with a bright smile and energy to spare!

DSCF19872014-11-16LRX SRGB

That would be my goal: to finish a 13 mile run on a frigid November day in New England, with a smile like that.  On further reflection, my goal would be to finish a 13 mile run with a pulse!  Congratulations to all the runners, supporters and volunteers who braved the cold for something they are so passionate about. 

Fuji X-S1, Lightroom 4


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3 Responses to A day at the race

  1. Rodney says:

    Way to capture the fun Ed!! A smile AND a pulse!! That is the best way to finish. Did you know any runners? I love the first photo and would love to meet Nay and the family!

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